Creating Structure

Creating Structure Podcast #15, Jeff Haber, Managing Partner, W & W Glass, LLC

March 25, 2021 John Wheaton
Creating Structure
Creating Structure Podcast #15, Jeff Haber, Managing Partner, W & W Glass, LLC
Show Notes

 Episode #15 of the Creating Structure podcast is with Jeff Haber, Managing Partner, W & W Glass LLC, Nanuet, New York .  W & W Glass is one of the largest union metal and glass erectors in NYC and the largest supplier of structural glass in North America. This episode could be easily described as a primer on the glass and glazing business, relationship building, value-add selling propositions, and company growth. Jeff is one of the Haber family managing partners in this very successful enterprise that has grown from $9M to $200M in revenue since Jeff joined full time in 1990.  With over 3 decades in the industry, a quick conversational style, a great memory, and many substantive experiences, Jeff covers topics such as design, engineering, glass industry history, structural glass walls, field logistics, relationship building, sales, estimating, forecasting, trends, and predictions. We cover some "hot topics"about the often misunderstood role of the glazing sub by stakeholder-decision-makers, observations on what's happening in the market right now, COVID19 shifts, mindsets around the realities of embracing new technologies and a "generational sea change" that is upon us. Jeff could teach "intro to the glazing business" and if there was such a college class, this conversation would be a good start. Welcome and enjoy the show.

Relevant topics:

  • Managing Logistics
  • Urban Construction in New York City
  • Project Planning
  • Pilkington Planar wall systems
  • "Glas Wal" patented system 
  • Heat Soaking
  • Unexpected positive consequences of 8000 Racquetball court projects
  • Organic Growth
  • Relationship building
  • Adding value to projects
  • Living with contractual terms
  • Building for the future
  • Embracing technology
  • Teaching and Mentoring the new generation
  • Taking Golf lessons

Company Mentions:

  • W & W Glass
  • Pilkington
  • T.Fin Building Solutions
  • more...


  • Scott Haber
  • Mike Haber
  • Howard Haber
  • Tim Finley

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